Wingnut Hackery At Obama Blog UPDATED
By: Mark W Adams

Suffice to say, BUSTED!

The Pajamahadeen has been insufferable ever since Rathergate, and have been desperately trying to recapture their past "glory" ever since. I think they want us to somehow believe that there is a noble purpose for their putrid existence and that the first time wasn't just a fluke.

This time they've taken their usual practice of rummaging around the comment sections of blogs to find some "proof" of moonbattery (nutpicking) and try to stick some disgruntled goofball's opinion to a candidate one better. They've "discovered" an anti-Semite piece that was lifted from a right-wing hate-site and ported the whole thing, complete with months old comments, into Barack Obama's blog -- a community site where anyone can register and post a diary.

Nice try assholes.

I mean, it's especially rich when a site like Little Green Footballs, notorious for it's deranged and intolerant Freepers lurking in the commentariate would try and imply that there's something very, very wrong with Obama if he attracts the same kind of bile that is the normal fare in Wingnuttia.

It certainly does take all kinds, but these kind of jerkwads I could do without.

Interestingly enough, it seems that open forum candidate blogs on the right can attract anti-Semitism as well. Shocking, no? John Aravosis has the goods on the pervasive hate speech at John McCain's blog where the big debate is whether Obama is or is not the anti-Christ since the anti-Christ must be a Jew according to these God-fearing freepers who inform us that Obama is a "Muslim fag," the "Devil," trying to represent the "United States of Africa," and of course we learn from the Jed Report that to McCainiacs at his YouTube Channel, Obama is just another nigger.