Obama, Large And In Charge
By: Mark W Adams

Absorb this. One day after clinching the Democratic nomination, Senator Obama informs Howard Dean can keep his job then tells the entire country that his rules against accepting lobbyist and PAC money will now be the policy for the entire Democratic Party.

Boom. He laid down the law. Have you ever seen a politician keep a campaign promise before he got elected.

You might wonder whether McCain will follow suit, literally putting his money where his mouth is despite hypocritically being up to his neck in lobbyist running virtually every aspect of his campaign. It certainly looks good from a PR standpoint anyway.

The real answer is that even if McCain wanted to tell the RNC to stop funding itself through lobbyist funds, he can't. He's not the head of his party.

McCain would have to get permission from George and Dick first -- and those two would probably laugh him out of the room.

From his late night meeting with Hillary, reaching out to his chief rival consistent with his reputation and ditching the press in the process impressed me as well. Taken together with organizing a 50 State grass-roots organization integrating traditional self-important high rollers, a true grass-roots presence and a buzz on every college campus, plus utilizing online folks better than anyone else (even though us Edwards supporters owned D-Kos up until February, the Obamacons gave us fits, and no one could match them on FaceBook and the other social networks) -- the guy's management abilities are exceptional.

I was at best a skeptic, but his fundraising prowess, unheard of numbers of doners, huge crowd that were never disappointed, all speak to one thing for me: if he can run his campaign this well, motivating so many people of all walks of life, the nation and the world will be in good hands if we elect this take-charge guy as our boss.