Glad That Is Over
By: Mark W Adams

Play Ball!Not the silly Democratic Primary thingy. I'm talking about the Detroit Piston's season. Now I can devote my time to more important issues, like Cleveland Indian's Baseball.

Even more important, I can take that Piston's logo off my blog. It was starting to stink up the joint.


(Sorry Ara, but it was a stupid bet, really. It ended up that we both lost.)

So, it looks like the last remaining puff of wind has gone out of the Clinton's sails. Barack Obama has taken over control of the Democratic Party. If Hillary and Harold Yechy want to take this to the convention, they still lose. It's just a matter of whether she wants to try and bring the rest of the party down with her.

Can't see that happening. If she doesn't begin the healing process now, right now, she will destroy whatever is left of her reputation. Let's just say that my previous admiration for her has been diminished, but is not beyond repair -- yet.

For the record, I can see their point about losing four delegates in Michigan not being "fair." But nothing was ever going to be "fair" when you try to count votes that weren't supposed to count. You can talk about rules and the importance of counting votes all you want. Rules are rules, you don't change rules, cheating, blah, blah, blah ... it's called compromise folks.

The thing that sticks with me was that Hillary did not behave honorably about this from the start. The day the deadline to remove her name from the Michigan ballot came and went, I knew she was gaming the system. We all did. They have a name for selecting a leader when only one candidate is on the ballot and/or there's no competitive campaigning, but that word is not election. Everything that came after was political theater, and I for one have had enough of that kind of staged point-counterpoint display.

So it's over. She'll be looking up the word graceful to make her departure seem like all is well in Democrat-ville. Unity will be the watchword for the summer.

Unity and bitter. There will be those who will never let go of Obama's church problems, even though he let go of the church. And some alleged progressives and/or Democrats will never, ever let go of the dream of Hillary in the White House and will chant "we was robbed" to the grave.