By: Mark W Adams

Taylor Marsh is now readable again, taking Hillary Clinton at her word and supporting Barack Obama, pronouncing the primaries O-V-E-R.
Hillary Clinton has endorsed and thrown her full support behind Barack Obama. Howard Wolfson and Rep. Charlie Rangel on "Face the Nation" spoke perfectly about where Clinton supporters are today. We still believe in Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly. As I’ve said many times, any time, anywhere, any year, Hillary, I’ll be there for you again. But now we have another job to do, which is to defeat John McCain. Hillary knows this all too well.

There are others out there not quite as mature. Talk Left (or at least Armondo "speaking for himself" cuz Jerylin is too bitter about politics and has returned to law-blogging) has preconditions on his conditional support, namely that Hillary be selected Obama's VP running mate. But they really put the moron in oxymoron running "open threads" with comments closed -- I kid you not.

Larry Johnson and the rest of the McCarthyites at No Quarter are beyond redemption. I've unsubscribed to their feed and will be de-linking them from my blogroll if I ever get around to updating it. They have completely transformed themselves into a wingnut blog, waiting only for their induction into the Hot Air fraternity.