Carter Take Two? No Duh!
By: Mark W Adams

Hmm, coming off a divisive and disastrous war that wrecked havoc with the economy with oil prices out of control, and a stand-off with Iran, and a mandate to clean up after the most corrupt administration in our history.

Sounds like exactly the situation Carter inherited. Sounds just like what we're facing now.

If you're too young to appreciate Nixon's wage and price freeze and Ford's "WIN" buttons (kinda like "Mars Bitches!" but channeled towards Whipping Inflation Now), leading up to the oil embargo faced by Carter that pretty much sank what was left of the economy and doomed his reelection chances, then you might be one of the Dead Enders like Our Lady Of Internment Camps who buy into McCain and Fox Noise telling us that Obama = Carter, who supposedly was a monster.

A second Carter term of course would have brought about energy independence had we continued all his programs that Reagan chucked; and the Nobel Lauriate certainly would have made more progress on Arab-Israeli peace, something that has been stuck in the mud since Carter left office.

For the older generation, it might be the soft on Arabs/Muslims/terrorists/Islamofascists dog-whistle the righties are blowing with the Carter comparison. Now that the "Hussein" Obama meme that Barack has some kind of whacky religious problem, be it Islam or African Nationalism (yeah, whatever), the wingnutosphere is spending a lot of energy trying to make out that the Democratic nominee will bring about the fall of Jerico, that his supporters are anti-Semetic to the core based on a completely fabricated false flag operation, and he accosted that "revered Jewish figure" Joe LIEberman.

Utterly ignoring Obama's unambiguous hard line support for Israel and the distinction he makes about dealing with rival heads of state and dealing with terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, count on wingnuttistan to go back to the "Obama hates Jews" meme again and again.


BruceMcF said...

Doesn't that line mostly just make McCain sound old?

Mark W Adams said...

It's not the "ageism," it's the dottering old fool-ism.

And no, mentioning Carter doesn't make him sound TOO old. It was the Williams Jenning Bryant comment that made him look so turn of two centuries ago.

BruceMcF said...

I did not say "too old" ... just old. People who are young do not remember Jimmy Carter at all, except peripherally as an ex-President, and people who are middle-aged remember Jimmy Carter as President when they were very young.

People for whom a, "like that recent political figure Jimmy Carter" reference makes sense are, ipso facto, cogito ergo sum, uh, e pluribus unum, old.

But no, not "older than dinosaurs" old. On that front, I'm waiting with baited breath for the comparison to the Democrat Winfield Scott Hancock against the Republican (and staunch defender of the civil rights of the freedmen) James Garfield.