Same Old Stuff From GOP
By: Mark W Adams

Often there's a complete lack of historical perspective in our political discourse. Some is certainly due to glossed over reading of the past, some from failing memories, but certainly a lot is due to the pernicious revision of history by those repeating again and again the same tired lies and using the same lame playbook to soften up their complicity in some of the worst mistakes, and most costly in blood and treasure in America's short history.

John McSame is not simply regurgitating George W. Bush's bone-headed cowboy diplomacy, but is walking in the footsteps of Richard Nixon as well.

Freshly back from the diaspora of real political activism, Jesse Taylor locks on to the absurdity of McCain, who surrounds himself and is propped up by anti-Semites just as every Republican presidential hopeful has for a lifetime, decrying the very idea of talking to the likes of Iranian President Ahmadinejad who, according to McCain, would merely be given a platform for his, "anti-Semitic rants and a worldwide audience for a man who denies one Holocaust and talks before frenzied crowds about starting another."

That's the reward McCain believes you hand the leader of Iran by direct engagement with a man who (in case you didn't notice) already can shoot a message around the globe by grabbing the nearest microphone and like the President of the United States is offered the very same podium at the United Nations every year to express his particular world-view.

In McCainLand you give up on the idea of direct negotiation because it would reward someone who already has a world-wide audience with a, um ... world-wide audience.

Funny how McCainLand is so similar to NixonLand.

Delving into the fabulous "Nixonland" again this evening, I found further proof that the GOP remains the party of recycling toxic ideas. Thus we have Richard Nixon, patron saint of calumny, criticizing

"well-intentioned but mistaken Democrats who have taken the soft line, the appeasement line."

Nixon went on declaim that we could only lose in Vietnam "if President Johnson fails to take a strong line that will preserve the peace by refusing to reward the aggressors."

McCain obviously has adopted the twisted rhetoric of his sponsor in chief regarding appeasement, but neither one of them invented it. No real surprise in that though, is there?