Hundreds Of Taliban Escape Prison Assault
By: Mark W Adams

I won't link to or quote from the Associated Press article on this, because, well . . . they're buttheads.

After 30 seconds of exhaustive searching, I found ITV News reporting that as many as four hundred Taliban prisoners escaped a Kandahar, Afghanistan prison in a raid initiated by a suicide bomber blowing up the jail's gate, followed by "several dozen Taliban fighters, armed with rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles," who freed as many as 1,000 prisoners, 400 of which were former members of the Taliban, some were "high ranking field commanders," and the rest presumably ordinary criminals, murderers, rapists, thieves and thugs.
A probe has also been launched to investigate whether any government officials were involved in the raid.

Deputy justice minister Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai, who could not say how many prisoners had managed to escape, said: "It was a very unprecedented attack and together with foreign forces, an operation has been launched to track down and arrest the prisoners."
The very idea that anyone calling themselves "Taliban" could continue to organize and constitute any kind of threat -- let alone pull this off which will only strengthen their ranks, -- is utterly unacceptable this long after 9/11.

This is just one of so many messes Barack Obama will have to clean up after George Bush is gone. I don't envy him his task.

What's the plaaaaan? I have no earthly clue.

I do know that anyone who doesn't resoundingly renounce the reverse Midas Touch of George W. Bush is looking at the world in exactly the wrong way. John McCain defends this inept approach in his own inept way every day. He's part of the problem.