Kristol Kandor Strikes Again
By: Mark W Adams

First he admits his perpetual suckitude, now this.

Reporting from the AIPAC conference, Seth Colter Walls reports on Huffington Post the Alice in Wonderland remarks from "Weekly Standard editor (and New York Times op-ed page neocon) Bill Kristol," describing the lack of any significant difference between Obama and McCain on National Security:
"There are actually no disputes of that nature...with the exception of Iraq this time. Obama's not for cutting the defense budget; Obama's not for pulling troops back from our forward positions around the world, with the exception of Iraq. Obama and McCain don't actually differ, at least on paper, even on Iran, where they're arguing about whether they would talk to [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad or not -- and I think that's an important dispute. Still, at the end of the day, Obama doesn't say he would rule out the use of force. McCain certainly is committed as he said this morning to trying to increase economic pressure on Iran, which Obama has also talked about."
Good news, McCain is a lying POS for touting his position is in any way superior to Obama's when it comes to their respective Middle East approach.

Bad news, Obama doesn't represent that much of a difference than what we have now.

Real news, the major break with current perceptions of the U.S.A.'s belligerant imperialism that Obama represents means that he might be able to pull it off while McCain, representing the same old song, would be doomed to fail.