AP Officially In The Tank For McCain
By: Mark W Adams

"When the AP starts taking sides and starts reading like The Washington Times, or The Nation, we're all in a lot of trouble."
Keith Olbermann, awarding the "Bronze" for Worst Person for calling Sen. Barack Obama "inexperienced in foreign affairs."
That was June 5th. Today, AP's Tim Talley traveled to the hamlet of Norman, Oklahoma to find that one Bush-Dog Democratic Congressman (the only Democrat from OK) who finds nothing suspicious that every time a Democrat runs for the presidency he mysteriously is discovered to be THE most liberal man in Washington D.C. Representative Dan Boren (D) claims he can't endorse Obama because he's the "most liberal Senator."

Okay, Talley didn't actually do the leg work involved by getting in a car and driving to Norman OK. He phoned it in, literally, in a phone interview. Nevertheless, the usual suspects in Wingnuttistan predictably love this story and are all over it, rejoicing in finding opposition to Obama within the Democratic family.

What the story does not note is that if the AP's reporter had actually gone down to Norman, OK, he'd have been just a stone's throw from Dallas, Texas, where he could have done a similar story about a Republican Congressman who refuses to endorse John McCain.

In fact, this particular Republican Congressman is still running against McCain for the Republican nomination. He's raised more money than McCain, is going to the Republican convention to fight McCain, and has his own campaign blimp.

Unlike the much more interesting, and damaging Ron Paul, Boren isn't fighting Obama's nomination, or his candidacy for president. In fact, despite his district voting 66% for Clinton, Boren is planning on voting for him at the convention and again in November. He just isn't going to balk the desires of his constituency by endorsing someone they didn't vote for. That would be insulting to the voters.

Once again the wingnuttosphere, without logic, reason or shame, takes an inconsequential factoid and blows it completely out of proportion -- deliberately missing the point to promote their alternate reality, one in which their putrid fecal matter emits no aroma.