Democrats Cannot Filibuster Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag
By: Mark W Adams

Since there's been nothing on the news save for some of us libs praising Senator Dodd's fantastic speech I linked to earlier, I never would have realized that the FISA bill has not been put on the back burner until January as I was led to believe based on what Dodd said on the floor. Fortunately, DDay at Digby's blog disabused my of my irrational exuberance and pointed me to Ian Welsh's rundown at FDL of the vote tally in favor of closing debate on the issue, defeating Feingold and Dodd's threatened filibuster and opening the way for amnesty for both the Telecoms and Bush administration to get away with their illegal surveillance of Americans since before 9/11.

Disgusting. The GOP successfully orchestrated more filibusters of any and all Democratic initiatives in one year than any previous two-year session of Congress dating back to Philadelphia in 1776 -- keeping wholly intact the poisonous neoconservative strangle-hold on our nation. The Democrats can't even mount one when they have the majority and are simply fighting to respect the constitution and the basic privacy of the citizens they supposedly represent.

Privacy, the basic liberty to be left the F#$%k alone, is officially a joke. There is none in AmeriKa and probably never will be again. With this and the provisions in Dodd's own Housing Bill requiring everything you purchase be reported to Big Brother, the police state will have all the tools it needs to control everything you do. Not just suspicious transactions will be monitored, but every damn thing.

Information is power, and they will now have it all. Or at least the ideologically pure automatons they hire to keep the rest of us in line. If they know everything you're doing, they know everything they need to know to pull your strings -- and make you a part of the machine too.

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GARoach said...

Hello, 1984! As always, you are dead-money on the spot.