Ayee Pee Documents The Atrocities ... by McCain!
By: Mark W Adams

Balance? Guilt? Blind squirrels getting lucky? I dunno, but Media Matt points to (but won't quote) an article by AP Special Correspondent, David Espo that follows the remarkable number of goofs, gaffes and fumbles by John McCain just in the last week.

So, giving credit where credit is due, let's paraphrase the plagiarism:

Tuesday: McCain criticized Obama on windfall profits tax despite saying he would consider the same thing earlier. (YouTube has the goods on his reversal, and Politico quoted AP's Mr. Espo's own reporting on the Confuserator so I don't have to.)

Wednesday: McCain called out at a closed meeting of Hispanic leaders for saying one thing to them and another to white Republicans. (More about the pandering at Boston Globe and Baltimore Sun, a remarkable song and dance.)

Thursday: McCain get's upstaged by President Bush's visit to Iowa, but Espo didn't mention (although the Boston Globe noted) that McCain opposed federal spending on flood prevention programs, and also forgot to talk about Obama upstaging McCain by actually helping out, filling sandbags, and avoiding the areas McCain toured at the request of State officials. I guess McCain didn't get the memo to stay out of the way. (Actually McCain simply ignored the Governor's request not to distract relief efforts.)

Friday: The Canada fiasco -- cross-border political attacks, foreigners illegally contributing (sort of) to McCain's campaign -- but no mention that the host of the fundraising event, our Ambassador to Canada, was in direct violation of the Hatch Act as a government representative engaging in purely political activity -- but since I read the Washington Post, I knew about this.

Espo's conclusion? No. Big. Deal.

A bona fide flip-flop on windfall profits (a Reagan, not a Carter program), an outright pander on immigration, interference with ongoing flood relief efforts for a fly-by photo-op, illegal foreign fundraising while airing our laundry in the neighbor's yard.

Just the ordinary, no-harm-no-foul gaffes we should ignore, at least according to the AP. All is forgiven since through all of it McCain didn't blow his cool in a temperamental breakdown.

Low bar indeed.

Ooooh Look! Obama's got a new shiny seal! All the substance out the window for what AP deems the Play of the Day -- a pretty picture. Yikes.

Hey Associated Press, here's a better one courtesy of our friend Ara at E. Pluribus Unum.