Just A Great News Day
By: Mark W Adams

There is no better champion for universal health care than John Edwards. Of all the candidates he came out first with the most comprehensive plan. Nobody can hold a candle to him on this issue -- except his wife.
Obama Says He's Partnering With Elizabeth Edwards On Health Care
Meanwhile, Gramppy McSame, in an effort to prove his learning curve is a flat line, is trotting out his gas tax holiday gimmick again, which was so roundly rejected by the public just a couple of weeks ago. McCain also added to his list of "senior moments" by referring to Putin as the President of Germany, not Russia. Chuck Todd nailed it when he said age doesn't matter for politicians -- unless it shows.

On McCain, it shows. He got busted busted on denying he said what he said about the news coverage of Hillary too. This guy's pathetic, but so are the press who are giving him a pass on this lie.

On the legal front, ScottBot McClerrator is being summoned to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, which should just add fuel to the fire to bolster Dennis Kucinich's 35 Articles of Impeachment he filed against our C+ Augustus.

On the campaign trail, Obama is up by six points over McCain, hot on the heels of what looks like a Hillary bump. McCain is facing real problems in Ohio too, and I for one am glad to add to his troubles.

No wonder Republicans are so grumpy and having no fun right now.

[Big Hat Tip to Memeorandum, without which we wouldn't have gotten all this good news.]