On Combat Experience
By: Mark W Adams

Forgive me if I'm wrong, or just can't talk coherently about military matters since I'm some kinda DFH ( I even scribbled "I am a conscientious objector" on my selective service registration card way back when I turned 18), but doesn't the idea that someone with military experience can translate that better into the qualities desired in a commander in chief mean that the candidate is a proven leader of men?

Not to disparage John McCain's service here (like John Kerry was disparaged ad nauseum despite his incontrovertible record as an heroic leader of men), but as a fighter pilot, just what kind of "leadership" experience did John McCain learn? It's not like he was leading the charge over a hill or anything, his comerades in arms following his to hell and back.

(Mind you, I "get it" that he went through considerable hell in Vietnam, but it's not like that's where he intended to end up, or was leading anyone there.)

It was quite apparent he wasn't going to follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps and become admiral material, a position requiring the highest form of leadership qualities. He didn't have what it took, evidently. He turned instead to politics and women, opting for opportunism instead of the family business -- command.

And now, like Bush before him, he wants to outdo his daddy. Oy!