Shut Up
By: Mark W Adams

You can always change the channel, so John, Marcy, TBogg, Oliver, and you too Avedon, if you don't have anything nice to say and you're unsure about the timing of speaking ill of the dead . . . don't.

I agree with absolutely everything you guys have to say, and I'll agree with it later, at a slightly more appropriate time.

But I'm reminded of something said when we had wall-to-wall coverage of a diaper-wearing astronaut driving cross-country with murder in her heart, or when a doe-eyed bride disappeared that engendered 24 hour coverage. If the front page of every paper carries the same story and the cable news outlets devote hours and hours and hours to the same subject -- that IS the news. Deal with it.

Respectfully if you can.

It's their network, it's their friend who passed away right in front of them. He was their leader, mentor, and- often their conscience. The shock hasn't worn off, let alone have they had adequate time to morn. They can express their feelings anyways they want, engage in a week-long cathartic group hug if necessary. Don't be petty. Go read something else if you don't want to watch.

Tim Russert fell over dead right in the middle of the most historic presidential campaign ever, and he had placed his team front and center of it all. He was an institution that built an institution. Maybe he wouldn't have wanted all the fuss and would have told them all to get back to work, but he's not there.

Was there much to criticize there, you bet. Was he emblematic of many of the problems with the Village and the Versailles Press, of course. Did his gotcha style leave much to be desired, well nobody's perfect. Were there times when he let the powerful off the hook too easily and enabled events with tragic consequences, I cannot argue with that.

You folks didn't know him. I get the feeling he's someone I would have like to have known.