Today's Number: Three
By: Mark W Adams

That's the number of times George "Dead or Alive" Bush granted one of the over 5,000 clemency requests that passed his desk prior to giving his co-conspirator Scooter Libby a pass.

Marcy Wheeler, still recovering from the FISA debacle, lives up to her reputation as one of Blogtopia's (ysctp!) most valuable players by summarizing ScottBot McClellerator's appearance before the House Judiciary Committee today -- so we can find out what the hell they're doing instead of impeaching Bush and Cheney, and that miscreant Scalio too.

What will pass as news in all this today is that McClellen said, under oath, that Karl Rove is a liar.


While certainly not the most important, nor most newsworthy information to come out of the hearing, this question by Jerrold Nadler was one of my favorites:
NADLER: Do you know when the president gave instruction to cover Libby's rear end, did he know about Libby's involvement? Scott didn't know that.
Okay, maybe that's not a direct quote or anything, but it sure does bring to mind some interesting mental pictures, No?


Kinda says it all for a Congress that not only refuses to go after corruption and lawlessness in the current regime in any meaningful way, but actually enables the perpetrators to cover their tracks by letting the Telecoms, along with White House, get off the hook.