I Can't Go On Reading From The Muckety-Mucks
By: Mark W Adams

I can't read or blog about any more Clinton postmortems. And there's a ton of them today. Before I started blogging, if a columnist was a wanker, I just stopped reading their drivel. Now I feel an obligation to ingest the nonsense of the Versailles Villagers just to write about what's wrong about them.

I got as far as Broder's third paragraph before I realized I had been sucked in by the old codger, telling me that he too is weary of the Klinton Kabuki. The Crown Prince of comity and enforcer of decorum among the Village Elders is sporting a woody for 10, no-holds-barred free-for-all Town Hall style debates between McCain and Obama because they will somehow by-pass and undermine the "muckety-mucks" (his words, not mine) who rule the Potomac Courtiers without even a hint that he's aware just how Teh Suck his boy McSame does in traditional debates, and that there's no way, no how John "Ace" doesn't completely melt down in a spittle-flecked rage in at least one of them -- probably more. Moreover, the lack of self-awareness, that Broder himself is one of those despicable "muckety-mucks," enough is enough.

So don't read Broder. Your day will be just that more pleasant for it. And don't even have the stupidity of reading Maureen Dowd taking delight in Hillary's defeat either, reveling in the idea that she lost because she's too good. No really. Hillary is so good at acting, according to the Village's Queen of Mean, that she takes on too many roles, some of which are inconsistent. Thus those of us in "fly-over country" get confused, and really -- everything Hillary did was wrong, especially listening to Mark Penn.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I read Mark Penn's post-postmortem as well. Dumb move. Don't do it. The stupid burns, true. But Hillary's pet buffoon mixes stupid with strawmen scapegoating, failure to take any responsibility whatsoever, and blames (of all things) a lack of funding and not the strategy and resource allocation he himself was so exorbitantly paid to screw up, This microtrend polling expert mentions caucuses, but glosses it over, talking about Hillary winning the high turnout primaries but losing low turnout caucuses without noticing that he could poll the primary states easier than the caucus states and therefor probably gave her more accurate intelligence there but likewise passed on his ignorance about the caucus states, yet packaged it as information.

You get the feeling Penn wasn't writing an honest opinion piece designed to actually explore any real reason Obama won and Hillary lost. When one of the campaign's largest creditors blames her lost on not raising enough money, when she raised more money than anyone ever has before (except Obama), I think he just wants to get paid and is sending the message to any future clients that if you want to win, you better raise an exorbitant amount-- and give it to him. Nice work if you can get it, Mark (until you're exposed as the fraud you are,)

There are a bunch more Villagers weighing in on Hillary's last days as presidential candidate (this cycle), but I can't go on. Each one so far was worse that the one before. That and I'm certain my brain is being eaten alive by all the insipidities on display.

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BruceMcF said...

Nice work if you can get it, Mark (until you're exposed as the fraud you are)

... which would be ... now?