Where Sexist Racists Find Friends
By: Mark W Adams

Sean-Paul Kelly notes the "National Discussion" on sexism that has permeated both the media and blogosphere that Hillary Clinton's capitulation has triggered.
If Hillary were the nominee we'd be talking about how awful and racist we Americans are. Instead, we're all misogynists now!
But where oh where does all that hate and vitriol go when it no longer has a contest to stink up? Who could it possibly target? It's really a no brainer when you think about it. With Michelle Obama, the wingnuts get a twofer.
Michelle Obama becomes GOP target
With Michelle bashing, they can combine both the He-Man Women Haters and red-necks who just wish "them darkies" knew their place, along with some "elite" bashing towards those Harvard-educated, big-city eggheads that are the cause of all their troubles.

There are two places to keep track of and combat this insidious trash that have sprung up this week. A central rumor control hub initiated by the Obama campaign to track down and destroy the general lies the right is and will continue to spread against Obama can be found at FightTheSmears.com where you can track, debunk and fight myths like the "Obama is a Muslim" crap and sign up for their newsletter; and a site dedicated to defend Michell Obama specifically is just starting called MichelleObamaWatch.com.

Do what you can, stomp the lies where you see them and report them two those two web sites if you see something new. Because you must know by now that the new swiftboat strategy is to remind everyone that the Obamas Are As Black As Satan's Festering, Baby-Eating Soul.