Hillary, We Are Just Not That In To You
By: Mark W Adams

The weak Puerto Rico turn-out disappointed Hillary shills, (despite the shrieking) and completely undermined her specious argument that as long as you don't count caucuses and all the people in Michigan who showed up to vote against her she just squeaked out a popular vote "win." Now if she could get 90% of the outstanding superdelegates ... Feh! These people are nutz.

When's the last time you recall a presidential candidate, and her whole family, campaigning in Puerto Rico? Ever? And not just a pit stop but sticking it out with the beach-combers and sun worshipers for over a week. A territory that is the definition of voting for something that doesn't count since they have zero say in the general election.

I seem to remember something Hillary said about Michigan not counting and now her folks are upset that she didn't get all the delegates there. But they are trumpeting a win in Puerto Rico when only about a third of the voters they expected gave a damn. And after all that, Puerto Rico didn't show up.

When Hillary Clinton’s argument to the superdelegates comes down to bragging about a victor in Puerto Rico, you know her campaign is really over.
I know I'm supposed to be a grown-up about all this and make it easy for the Clinton supporters to save face and bring everybody together. But see, I was never really an Obama supporter per se. But long ago I resisted the urge to continue to undermine the probable, and now presumptive Democratic nominee, even when it looked like Hillary had as good a shot as Barack. There are bigger fish to fry, namely: the eradication of conservative domination of -- nay, even participation in American politics.

I really don't give a rats ass about alleged Democrats who would even suggest they would vote for John McCain or would sit out or vote independent come November because they feel slighted or robbed due to Hillary Clinton's failed run for President. If you're that shallow, that much of an ingrate narcissist, I really don't have much to say to you.

If you're still fighting against Obama, you're fighting the wrong guy, you're on the wrong side. If you're still following Hillary, you're not following a leader, but a loser. John Aravosis lays out the reality, and if you can't handle the reality you need medicated.
We started with half the country hating Hillary, and now she's managed to add half the Democratic party to the "hate Hillary club" as well. So, while Hillary definitely knows a thing or two about unpopularity, maybe she should clean up her own house before attacking others and doing John McCain's dirty work.
I feel no need to be magnanimous to the "other side." As far as I'm concerned I'm the other side too. I got over it. My guy didn't have what it took to get the nomination either. Neither Barack Obama nor his supporters made any grand overtures to me. Nobody needed to kiss my ass.

But I know where my loyalties lie, and more importantly where they don't. I never felt the evident sense of entitlement I'm seeing from some in Camp Clinton. Why on earth must special dispensation be made to Hillary's constituency. You're either supporting the nominee, and that means you're for Barack Obama, or you're worse than any Republican. You're a two-faced, traitorous, small-minded, selfish cry-baby with no rationality.

See, I don't think I need to "get" anything. It the Clinton supporters weren't bitching (yeah, I said it) about four meaningless delegates being "hijacked" from a meaningless beauty contest, they'd be whining about something else just as stupid. While it might be worth it to make them shut up, it probably wouldn't be enough to do the trick. It's more a commentary on how ridiculous the Clintonistas act and how pathetic they sound than any desire that justice be done on my part. There was never any way to fairly fix an unfair contest, and that's what Michigan was.

This thing is over. Get in line or get out of the way. From what I've seen in the way the Clinton campaign has comported themselves it's a very good thing she lost, and we may have dodged a bullet by not letting Bill near the White House again.