And Then There's Bill
By: Mark W Adams

Not to put too fine a point on my previous post about it being a really bad idea to offer Hillary the VP slot, but Bill Clinton is uncontrollable. He speaks his mind and most of what he has to say is just great, I mean that.

But he just doesn't know his place, and he shouldn't have to, really. He should be able to say any damn thing he wants and influence us all in the direction he believes is best, and he's most often spot on.

But even now, as his life-long companion begins the delicate maneuvers signaling the end of her quest for the presidency, he just lets it spew:
"This may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind."
[HT: Michael D.]

Honestly, as refreshing as this type of up front, stream-of-consciousness, brutal honesty is, how on earth would an Obama administration cope with Bill just ... out there ... upstaging the White House every time he got near a microphone.

It's just not his place to say something like that. It's not about him, but he'll never get that. Frankly, he doesn't have to. He was the gosh darn POTUS for eight years, and unlike the guy before him who was careful not to upstage Junior (when he should have taken him out back of the West wing and smacked some sense into him), Bill was never known for his prudence.