I Have So Had It With This Guy
By: Mark W Adams

Yeah, it's Armando again, Mr. "Big Tent Democrat," speaking only for his sanctimonious, blind partisan -- "comments closed" -- self:
I am amazed at the view expressed by Obama supporters that unifying the Democratic Party is a problem for Hillary Clinton. Like me, they all expect Barack Obama to be the nominee, but they insist that the problem of unifying the Democratic Party belongs to Hillary Clinton. This is an incredibly obtuse view. Obama is going to be the candidate who will win or lose in November. It will be HIS job to unify the Party.
Dude, YOU are the problem, and people like you. You don't listen to shit, and with your shrill blog closed to opposing views, you never will.

Seriously, are we to believe that any overtures made by Obama to the likes of Hill Shills like this will have any effect whatsoever if not green-lighted by Clinton? Obama may have his work cut out for him in winning over Hillary's supporters, but he doesn't have a hope in hell unless and until the Senator from New York says it's okay.

That means calling off Ickes and Wolfson and Wasserman-Schultz -- and the Clinton bloggers following that lead.

Because make no doubt about this, save for the boot-licking die-hards who would say that "if only" the people weren't so stupid as to nominate Obama and went with Our Lady of Inevitablility instead (who just flat-out ran a crappy campaign), we would have won in the fall; if McCain wins, Hillary's scorched-earth campaign will share a great deal of the blame.

See, it wasn't until it looked like she wouldn't win, when they became desperate, that they really tried to damage Obama. I don't think any of it was fatal, or even truly effective. But bottom line, Hillary Clinton has an enormous following, and thus an enormous responsibility to do her absolute best to deliver that support to the Democratic nominee.