So Who Takes McCain's Place?
By: Mark W Adams

Now we find out he and Cindy are tax deadbeats?

Wow, just wow.

This has got to go down as the worst Presidential campaign by a major party since Herbert Hoover's reelection motorcades were pelted with eggs and rotten fruit. McCain must know how he feels, and the hecklers will only get worse the longer he waits to definitively say George Bush is the Worst President Ever and that he really doesn't like the guy or anything he did. Unless he does, and that may be impossible if not improbable, they might as well hang a sign over his headquarters that reads, "Abandon hope, all ye that enter here."

Inept and feckless are descriptors that barely scratch the surface of what a joke the GOP has put up as their sacrificial lamb.

By the time it becomes obvious to the Republican Convention Delegates that they can't possibly win with this guy, who do you think will be the lucky winner that get's to take his place, starring as the candidate who will lose in the worst landslide in the history of landslides?

By the way, this might win the prize for the biggest "No Duh!" headline of the year: A Win by McCain Could Push a Split Court to Right. The villagers must be on vacation at the Washington Post, and left their idiot in charge. Dumb, just dumb.