Because It Is Not Just About Winning
By: Mark W Adams

Gasping for breath that never comes, Hillary supporters argue for inclusion on the "Unity Ticket" that she is somehow entitled or deserves the VP slot (no sense of irony there). [Via the Usual Suspect, speaking only for himself -- and with comments closed speaking only TO himself as well.]

Have you people not been paying attention? Leaving aside the debatable notion that bringing aboard the Cleingons (both of them) does anything for to make Obama more electable or less vulnerable to the viciousness of the GOP attack squad beyond mollifying some of the inconsolable WATB reacting so spitefully to Obama's win in a pique of passive-aggressive martyrdom that would make Joan of Arc blush -- Bill Clinton is out of control and uncontrollable.

Moreover, and this is especially true for progressives. The Clinton's triangulating centrism, DLP insired Republican-Lite style is a giant step backwards at a time when we need to leap in a whole new direction.

As was true last year, even more so today: nobody unites the fractured GOP machine better than Hillary and Bill Clinton. If one Clinton is presiding over the Senate, and the other is set loose to find his own trouble amongst the Potomac Village courtiers, Obama will be lucky to get his first hundred hours of a honeymoon, let alone 100 days; and the usual 18 month legislative window before the opposition gears up its obstructionist tactics in anticipation of a rollback of the Democratic Party's projected gains this cycled will be virtually eliminated as the conservative movement's perpetual campaign united around the single battle cry of ridding the Nation's Capital of the Clintonian virus.

Obama will be a mere bystander to the tabloid spectacle, spending more time putting out fires instead of igniting the country's imagination for a new future. Hillary Clinton as Obama's Vice Presidential pick will be a clear signal that business-as-usual is still the watchword of the powerful and elite, and that he cares more about political expediency than charting a new course, breaking forever with the dismal past of the last 3 decades where a Bush or a Clinton was on the Presidential ballot one way or another.

Enough of them.