Attention Righties, A Mirror Image Is Backwards
By: Mark W Adams

See here's how it works. If you want to accomplish something similar, but looking at things and doing them in exactly the opposite manner as how things have been the last eight years, you use a mirror.

Got it?

Like when the Vice President met privately with leaders of a disgraced industry to form energy policy is a mirror image, exactly the opposite phenomenon as when a a private citizen who did business with a company that is now disgraced along with its industry is commissioned to vet a Vice President, not to form policy for that industry.

I know it's kinda hard for folks foolish enough to still think our C+ Augustus is Teh Aw-Sum to grok in the abstract without talking-points arriving in their inbox, but it really is something quite different.

Now just for the record, the head of Obama's VP selection team didn't hand out fraudulent loans or anything, right? He wasn't a lobbyist for Countrywide, was he, or one of it's executives?

He was an extremely good credit risk who took out some loans with the company, and paid them back. So WTF? This isn't reporting, it's a smear job.