Habeas For Peasants
By: Mark W Adams

For those who refuse to grok what Publius put so well at Obsidian Wings, without Habeas Corpus, you could dress anyone up in a false nose and throw them on the fire, even if you're lying about being turned into a newt.

It's bad enough that we've got a bunch of Texas Torquemadas and other assorted war criminals shoving bamboo under the fingernails of terrorists, but some of these guys weren't terrorists, yet they got the fifth degree anyway. They had no way to show that someone strapped a carrot to their face and a funny hat, let alone the chance to prove they weighed less than a duck.

And that ain't right.

When the War Crimes Trials commence, you know these bastards now calling us pansies and having a September 10th mindset (wa'ev) will file for a Habeas Corpus writ.

Every single one of them . . . at least the one's Bush doesn't pardon.