Cheney Leaves White House
By: Mark W Adams

It's not what you hoped for.

MSNBC reported that a power outage in Washington DC has left the center of the city dark. Although the White House has adequate backup generators, Vice President Cheney has opted to leave the White House and return to his home at the Naval Observatory "to work."

While this news is unremarkable in itself, it brings a few questions to mind.
  • Just what is Dick working on while (still) Prez-Nit-Wit Shrub is is running around Europe, looking for another world leader to grope and insult?
  • Why would he need more power than the White House backup generators could supply?
  • Why did AT&T refuse to let me log in and pay my bill while Dick was off-line?
  • What the heck does that scary man DO all day, really?