By: Mark W Adams

Yes, there's a very stupid looking tiger atop my blog now. It doesn't look especially good up there, the colors don't match and it's overall aesthetics are simply awful.

I don't care, I just know that I've got to stop accepting stupid bets. The last time a Steelers fan got me to shave my head, you would have thunk I'd have learned my lesson.

Ara's LSU Tigers kicked the living shit out of the Buckeyes. I just need to know just how long Tony has to stay up there, cuz I forget.

And what the hell do you feed him . . . besides tourists?

1 Comment:

Ara said...

You just have to feed him Republicans and other plump, juicy whitemeat.

P.S. Mike the Tiger gets to be on top for 1 week, starting today. If you don't like that logo, I have another one at EPU this morning.