What If They Commissioned A Poll
By: Mark W Adams

... and everybody refused to answer?

Just a thought, since now that John Edwards has taken aim at the corporate media for ignoring his message that corporate America abuses it's power, he's been rewarded by being excluded from Survey USA's polls.

One way to express your displeasure is by joining in the JOHN EDWARDS MONEY BOMB TODAY. (Hey, if the Ron Paul Blimpies can do it, why not John?) Everything up to $250 will be doubled!! Bonus!

But the Edwards Money Bomb isn't what I wanted to talk about this morning. I thought I'd preview a bit of the upcoming weekend news while we wait for the Friday Document Drop (we're due, hasn't been a good one in a while), and which of these stories will bury the latest Republican scandal (tsk, an ex-GOP congressman/lobbiest funding terror groups -- I guess they were running out of crooked GOPers who still had jobs in government).

For instance, in the next 48 hours or so. you will:

  • Find out which old curmudgeon will claim victory in South Carolina over all the other old bald white guys who already won a Republican primary and why anybody cares. (Ooo, I can hardly wait!)

  • Know which Democrat will hit the jackpot (hint, he's not running for president) and who will roll craps in the Nevada Caucus, (If John Edwards wins, the "long-shot beating the odds" metaphors will be even lamer than anything you just read.)

  • See if you can afford a new iPhone (or a donation to John Edwards) with the check Bush is sending you as part of the economic stimulus package he's paying for out of the tip Saudi King Abdullah left our C-Plus Augustus on the nightstand for services rendered.

  • Learn if the rest of blogtopia© will follow Taylor Marsh's lead and accept Tweety's apology. (Don't count on it.)

  • Push the number of signatures on Robert Wexler's petition to Impeach Cheney over a quarter of a million, putting hearings (with teeth) back on the table -- and from which no "executive privilege" can prevent enforcement of subpoenas. Let's get to the bottom of some of the shenanigans.
So, while we wait and surf the web, ticking away the hours until we know more than we know now, I'll leave you with Mark Kleinman's observation on the tireless work former President Bill Clinton has done on behalf of his wife campaign:
Sometimes, a man who gets caught cheating on his wife tries to make up for it by giving her jewelry. I think this is the first time a two-timing husband tried to give his wife the most powerful position in the world instead.
Wow. I think later today we might also find out if Bill hands Kleinman his head on a platter.