Quotes That Make You Say, "Pffttthp!"
By: Mark W Adams

The Suspenseful:

The major “news” outlets - with ZERO percent of the precincts reporting, a mere four minutes after the polls closed - have projected Barack Obama the winner of the Democratic primary in South Carolina.

In related “news,” the New England Patriots have been declared the winners of the 2008 Super Bowl.

The Insightful:
As long as negative campaigning works — and it's worked pretty effectively ever since Og defeated Ug 56-55 for the presidency of the Olduvai Gorge Mammoth Hunting Alliance — we'll keep seeing it.
The Analytical:
Obama's analysis is completely upside-down--the problem is not that both sides are equally to blame, but that only the right is actually fighting a coordinated culture war as Gramsci defined it. It's not a case of bringing a knife to a gunfight, it's a case of brining a plastic yogurt spoon to a nuclear war.
Burned Out On Hillary:
And man, my blogging is sucking this week. Sorry.

~John Cole, Updating us on his new
vacuum cleaner purchase
Disappointed In Edwards:
Maybe it’s time to go back to anime pron of LOLcats. Or YouTubes of me skritching me nuts.
"Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88."

Clueless and Obsessed:
The thing is, Israel really is the driving issue in the Presidential debate.
A Fair Assessment:
If she set out to lose South Carolina as badly as possible, she certainly succeeded.

Almost "Getting" It:
Or maybe I am just totally wrong on all counts.

How Soon They Forget Alan Keyes?
The best rhetorician I have seen (my B.A. is in Rhetoric and I say this as a compliment) since Ronald Reagan.
So. Hillary came in second, handily beating Edwards. Now, did she lose badly enough to still win? Or is her second place finish strong enough to be a loss?

~VodkaPundit DrunkBlogging
And making more sense than most analysts
Blind Leading The Stupid:
According to Fox News, exit polling shows that he did well among voters who favor the war in Iraq and think the economy is in good shape. Clearly, Edwards needs to remain in the race so his message will be heard.
Teh Stupid Leading Nowhere:
In his weekly radio address, President Bush said, "On Monday night, I will address the American people about the state of our union. I will report that over the last seven years, we've made great progress on important issues at home and abroad.
If-I say if--ex-senator Rick Santorum is going to say that instead of being caught in bed with John McCain he would rather be caught in bed with anybody--absolutely anybody--with Barack Obama and a Labradoodle--with Hillary Rodham Clinton and a Weimeraner--with John Edwards and a Chihuahua--he should first get a room.