There Must Be Something In The Water
By: Mark W Adams

In this week's Michigan Primary, those voting for the Democratic "uncommitted" slot outnumbered Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani and even Mike Huckabee. Indeed those candidates combined total is less than the combined total of all "uncommitted."

If you combine the Democratic and Republican "uncommitted," John McCain only beats those strange people who went out in the snow to cast their official vote for "none of the above" by 2,000 votes.

Conclusion? Something is very wrong with the people in Michigan, at least from this Buckeye fan's perspective.

Yes, I "get" the anti-Hillary protest vote Michiganders cast because the State's favorite candidates weren't on the ballot. If Obama and Edwards had been there and the primary mattered, Hillary would have been humiliated -- or at least in a real battle, and turnout would have tripled. But explain to me what kind of graduate from the Ted Nugent Survivalist Training Camp & Bistro brave the elements to flip the lever for people who aren't even running, like Tom Tancredo (457) or Sam Brownback(351). let alone the 18,506 who said -- anybody with an "R."

Seriously, why bother?