Rudy Goes Boom!
By: Mark W Adams

A couple of posts back I made the argument that Rudy 9iu11ni will likely be ahead of the GOP field after Tsunami Tuesday, and that winning FloriDUH on top of that will make him very formidable indeed.

Of course, that was precipitated by the notion that New York, being a winner-take-all state like Florida, as well as New Jersey were his base, home states he would "naturally" win.

What a difference a new poll makes.

McCain has the support of 36 percent of New York Republicans, compared to 24 percent for Giuliani, who led McCain 48-15 just one month ago.
Kevin Drum charts the drop, a steady slide since the "Shag Fund" was first revealed.

Rudy, meet Gary. Senator Hart, meed Mayor 9iu11ni.

America, remember back when you figured this election would be between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, say about 4 years ago, maybe even 8?

Sorry to keep you waiting.