Your Blog Soon To Get More Readers
By: Mark W Adams

For those who see a rise in their hit-counter as a measure of their virility, this news should get you sweaty all under:

The federal government should be able to read all communications on the Internet, National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell said during a New Yorker interview.

Lawrence Wright, who interviewed McConnell for a piece in this week's issue, said that McConnell has developed a cyber security policy that would include such a provision, but President George W. Bush has not announced it yet.

Anyone concerned with basic privacy, like their email, purchasing records, banking practices, or search queries, might have a different take than the average flattered blogger typing into the ether, hoping for a comment or two that confirms they aren't just writing to themselves.

Actually, I'm kinda miffed to think that some disgruntled nerd at Homeland Security surfing for chuckles hasn't already been reading my stuff. Hi Charlie! How's the old lady?

(h/t DU)


G. A. Roach said...

I always drop Mr. AlphabetSoup a line in my IM's or e-mails. It would be rude not to acknowledge him after all these years of sharing the same inbox. If he was gone detain me he would have gotten me a couple of years ago in some very nasty rants at VP Dick-head. Last I saw, Charlie's old lady was having too much fun at the bar.

mud_rake said...

By the way, Dick Cheney is still alive [relatively speaking]as he was standing behind Bush at the Cash Give-Away statement.

But then, it could have been wax because no one can really tell the difference.

Which brings me to this post: he's still in his underground, undisclosed location doing the stuff about which you wrote.

G. A. Roach said...

I heard he might bring some Osama guy to the Bush's family pic-i-nic. Just a rumor...