Kerry: For Edwards Before He Was Against Him
By: Mark W Adams

John Kerry endorses Barack Obama, slapping John Edwards in the face by a) doing it now, b) doing it in South Carolina, c) remaining a pompous prig of a man, d) all of the foregoing.

Seriously Senator. Would it have killed you to keep your ego out of this for a few more weeks? Dickhead.

The good news is that MSNBC's Andrea (Greenspan) Mitchell has declared in no uncertain terms that despite the slight, it doesn't matter since Edwards is not a viable candidate anyway.
This is the same woman who said in equally convincing and gravely repressed schadenfreunde that Hillary was broke and finished Tuesday night -- just before the results came in.
Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews seemed to be taking their cues from NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell at Clinton campaign headquarters. She spoke in grim, hushed tones and implied the result was foregone and it would be just a matter of time before she could share the senator's defeat with viewers.
Still using that shattered crystal ball, eh Andrea? Indeed, she was the one reporting on the Clinton campaign supposedly stacking a small room to make it look like a bigger crowd for her concession speech in Iowa, agreeing with Timmeh! that checking the license plates at Clinton rallies would tell the story (while ignoring the origin of Obama's support via the same "scientific" method) and attaching herself to the continuous loop of the "Clinton Sob" that ran more than 48 times in the 24 hours before New Hampshire's polls closed.

Somehow I'm coming to the conclusion that if she weren't married to the former Fed Chair, thus invited to all the best and most exclusive, gossipy cocktail parties; she'd be reporting on the latest fashions trends of Versailles on the Potomac instead of matters of international import.