Picking Sides
By: Mark W Adams

I'm in a new place inside my head -- an undecided voter.

I haven't been undecided since Spring of 2004. I've been rooting for John Edwards for a long time, first to be the Democratic nominee, then Vice President, to run again, and most recently to become the Democratic nominee all over.

His values, positions and style have been my own. The areas where he and I did not agree were few and often trivial.

Unlike the assumptions of the ever despicable Dick Morris, neither I nor any other Edwards supporter I've gotten to know "can't decide who they dislike more: blacks or women." Who we dislike are asshats like Dick Morris, and trusted Edwards to slap them around for us.

I was an Edwards supporter before Hillary decided to run, and before I even knew who Barack Obama was. Come on Dick, why not just come out and call us bigots, ignorant Neanderthals who'd never support a .... [I can't even type the words.] This was a new low, even for Morris.

Indeed, Bill Clinton's lack of judgment in ever confiding in someone who's vomit inducing perspective approaches the very worst example of 1850 prejudice is one strike against Hillary in my book.

Make no mistake, however. Bill Clinton's professional positives far surpassed his lapses in personal associations and judgment -- and Hillary is not Bill.

I'm undecided between Hillary and Barack. (I'm not about to consider a Republican, no matter how many interesting -- or goofy -- ideas Huck or the Blimpster come up with). I like, even admire both Clinton and Obama a great deal.

Neither are perfect, both are exceptionally good -- and the perfect should never be the enemy of the good. George Lakoff makes some interesting points in his analysis of Hillary's policy driven approach versus Obama's emphasis on vision and inspired leadership. In Edwards I felt we had both. Frankly, I can't decide which is better.

So, in the mean time, I'm listening to both very carefully, and intend on holding each to their pledge to John Edwards that fighting poverty and closing the gap between the haves and have-nots will continue. The stranglehold corporate greed and incompetent cronyism have wrought on this nation must stop at all cost.

I'm persuadable and have over a month before I have to vote in an election where I can still pick Edwards since he's on the Ohio ballot. Convince me why I shouldn't go with my heart and waste my vote in protest.


G. A. Roach said...

Still, no e-mail addy:

Dear Dick,
Mark is sooo right! You are an ass-hat among many other unmentionables! You're a presumptuous little prick, too.
I just lost a job I loved, not to mention becoming an undecided for the first time in a loonnngggg time. I'll get my info else where, in the meantime...eat shit!

BruceMcF said...

Well, coming to it from the climate crisis ... neither of them are great, and neither of them would have bothered to even be OK, if it were not that Edwards with the original strong difference over the Two Sitting Senators who co-sponsored Lieberman-McCain ... while snubbing Sanders-Boxer until early May, when they decided they needed protective green coloring ...

... eh, we'll see. Either of them come out with serious sustainable transport infrastructure policy, I'll vote for them. As it stands, its lip service and token efforts, which isn't enough to switch my current vote.