Well What Did You Expect?
By: Mark W Adams

Everything you "knew" about politics yesterday is wrong today, But hey, it's primary season.

Edwards is trending downhill nationally, indicating that his ability to affect the final outcome one way or another is likewise slipping -- and if Jerome's numbers are right, it might not matter anyway (in your face Larry).

Registered Democrats (MOE 4.5%)

Now December
Clinton 49% 40%
Obama 36% 30%
Edwards 12% 14%
The key to Edwards being a factor, a kingmaker, is one candidate or the other cannot get over 50% of the delegates nationwide. As you can see, this might be more difficult than I thought just yesterday.
Registered Democrats' Choice
If the Only Candidates Were...
Clinton 53%
Obama 44%
This becomes increasingly problematic if Edwards starts hemorrhaging superdelegates. Besides, Chris is probably right, primary polls suck.