The Bitch Asked for It
By: shep

by shep

This is the second of two announcements in as many days from “US Officials” about how they supplied intelligence to Benazir Bhutto (small wonder she was killed) about threats to her life. In this one they helpfully add their professional judgment that, “key suggestions appear to have gone unheeded.”

"We gave them a steady stream of intelligence," one official said.

"it's up to (the recipient) how they want to take action."

Translation: “It ain’t Musharraf’s fault (even if he ordered the hit), that bitch might as well shot herself.”

Much like the ridiculous official Pakistani (re) statements describing the cause of Bhutto’s death, US propaganda has become so transparently mendacious that its only effect is to further diminish the propagandists. One wonders whether the current collaboration of administration fascists and Pakistani thugs can accomplish anything but more hell on earth.

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