Another Job A Monkey Could Do
By: Mark W Adams

Working for Chicago-based CBS 2, asking Hillary Clinton inciteful questions like this:

One reporter asked if the cross on her bracelet had "any religious significance." Clinton gave him a "no duh" look and said, "Talk about the secular press!"
While McClatchy's report was kind enough not to identify this idiot who asked this, The Baltimore Sun had no trouble alerting the media that their next rising star is named Mike Flannery.

This bright young man, actually the political editor for his station, brought us the news the morning of the Iowa Primary that some polls showed Obama's support on the rise (No, Duh!), and that John Edwards, (who was in the middle of a 36 hour non-stop campaign marathon) was "up bright and early." (You don't say?)

Maybe I'm being too harsh, and I should not that Mr. Flannery has many accolades and awards to his credit and has been at it for 20 years. Which of course means that when you get a chance to ask Hillary Clinton a question, you don't blow it by asking about her damn jewelry. Dumb.