Ok, Are You Following Along?
By: Mark W Adams

Hillary wins Nevada, sorta.

Obama wins more Nevada Delegates, somehow.

Both cry foul on voting shenanigans.

All the selected delegates from Nevada can all change their minds at their State Convention in April -- by which time everybody might be so damn sick of these two that John Edwards could be the winner with only 5% of the vote. (Hey, could happen. And winged Macacas could emerge from my backside too.)

According to Tweety, Hillary beat expectations by (this is fun) winning after being favored to win in the polls. Shocking! Chris Matthews also ended the "who's more like Bobby Kennedy" debate between Edwards and Obama partisans today by declaring Bill Clinton would be the scrapper, the bull in the White House china shop in a Hillary administration -- just like RFK. Oy!

On the GOP side, Romney wins Nevada, but half of the folks voting for him were Mormons, so it doesn't count.

If you take away all the Mormons who voted for Romney, he still would have won, but it that doesn't count since he was the only one besides Paul who actually campaigned there. It only matters if you count delegates, in which case you'll see that Mitt is ahead more today than he was yesterday.

Ron Paul beat John McCain in Nevada, which is making my head hurt because that means that the GOP frontrunner de jure was beat by the Blimpies. [Factoid: Ron Paul - 3 Delegates, Giuliani - 1]

It doesn't matter because he only did so well, because, um ... he actually tried. Besides, the M$M is holding out for Rudy's turn at frontrunner in FloriDUH. Fear the Rudy.

The GOP frontrunner de jure is of course McCain, who won South Carolina only because Grandpa Fred (who's done, come on already) siphoned off votes from Huckabee's evengelical base and lags behind Romney in delegates -- cuz Tweety says so.

Seriously why do we bother.

If ever I needed a moment of zen, it's now.

To that end, gaze upon the current flag of South Carolina and ponder why its crescent moon looks more like the flag of Pakistan than the Stars-n-Bars of the Confederate South -- and what it would look like if Huckabee stuck it up Giuliani's ass (a flag poll stuck up Romney's butt would be redundant.)

[UPDATE: Thanks to Jim in the AmSt Version of this post, the ratio is the same, but the numbers are different. Blimpie 6, 9iu11iani 2,]