We’re On To You
By: shep

by shep

Notice to the Village Gassbags: from now on, every stupid, immature, self-absorbed attempt to choose our candidates or the winners, will work exactly backwards.

Yes I mean you, MoDo. It wasn’t Hill’s crying, it was the inane, childish, self-important crap from people like you that turned the tide.

Get it? People hate you and your manipulative shit worse than the politicians themselves and they will do and think the exact opposite of what you tell them.

Huckabee’s still in it. Mit and Rudy are toast. Edwards beat Hillary in Iowa and Hillary made you and the pollsters look like dopes in New Hampshire.

This is still a bad thing because, except to inform the public of the facts, simple-minded, emotionally crippled charlatans shouldn’t be affecting our elections at all. But it’s a big improvement over treating you as if you deserve to be believed.

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