Mark's Theory Of Why Change Matters
By: Mark W Adams

Because this kind of crap has to stop.

"If you've got somebody in harm's way,
you want the president being—
making advice, not—
be given advice by the military,
and not making decisions based upon the latest Gallup poll or focus group."
George W. Bush, New Albany, Ind., Nov. 13, 2007
And this is even worse.
"In other words, he was given an option:
Are you with us or are you not with us?
And he made a clear decision to be with us,
and he's acted on that advice."
—on President Pervez Musharraf, Crawford, Texas, Nov. 10, 2007
Why do we have to put up with another year of this idiot? Oh yeah, I remember. Because his State of the Union Addresses are Teh Awesome, and we need one more to complete the set.