From The Land That Gave Us Cheney
By: Mark W Adams

Who'd a thunk a Republican primary election could be bought in Wyoming, far away from the media spotlight.

And other stuff....

I linked to Chris Bowers' breakdown of the Tsunami Tuesday States and initial prospects for the three remaining democratic candidates on the left column, but I thought I'd draw attention to it here since it's such a handy reference. (No Dennis, you don't count. You never did. Neither did your buddy Rocky, or Gravel, whatever his name was.)

With Richardson out, the door slamming shut on John Edwards' chances is left slightly ajar, making Nevada a bit more competitive. The Culinary Union endorsing Obama after Edwards marched in their picket line was a slap in the face, but hopefully his efforts won't be forgotten.

Hard to believe Edwards isn't a clear favorite for South Carolina, but if the crowds Oprah brought in to hear Obama there are any indication, beating Hillary and hanging tight with the Obamentum there and in Sin City keeps Edwards a legitimate candidate, at least in delegate count. After New Hampshire, nobody will be writing Clinton off if she's third in S.C. and NV going into February 5th, so how can anyone legitimately tell Edwards to pack it in if he's got more delegates than her?

Bruce has a nice dissection of how it's still possible for Edwards to actually win, no matter what "experts" like all the pundits who were dead wrong Tuesday say. Naturally, if everybody's broke after Feb. 5, and there's no clear winner (seeing that you could spend half a billion in California alone and not move the polls 10 points, that could happen) then everybody will have to come to Ohio -- they'll have to come to me -- and I'll get together with all my "Loser" Buckeye friends and we'll tell you who your next president is going to be.

So there. Let the sucking up begin!