Blogtopian Shuffle At American Street
By: Mark W Adams

As you know, not unlike Anna Marie Cox who went from Wonkette to Time, MarKOS is doing a stink at Newsweek to balance out Karl Rove. Newsweek is also promoting some more of our friends in Blogtopia -- not Skippy (dammit, cuz I so want an excuse to use the term Skiptopia -- which I coined just 15 minutes ago), but a few others like John Amato at Crooks & Liars, Joe Gandelman from Moderate Voice, Captain Ed, Mr. Joyner from Outside The Beltway, and the incomparable Oliver Willis among others will be featured in all their potty-mouth glory at Newsweek's new blog portal, The Ruckus.

Well, as those folks move up, there's room at the middle rungs for guys like me, and I'm proud to announce that I've been invited to write a regular feature at American Street every Friday, and probably will be contributing even more at Kevin Hayden's venerable workhorse of a blog that now features a whole new slate of regular writers, artists, cartoonist, and rhetorical bomb-throwers.

Starting tomorrow, Kevin will be unveiling a brand new American Street. Skippy, Jesus General and Digby aren't regulars there anymore -- but I am! Awesome company.

Give me a couple of more years at this blogging stuff and I might be able to afford to buy myself one of those good cigars. You know, the ones that are hand rolled on the inner thigh of an 87 year old Dominican woman. Ahhhh! A blogger's life for me!