Dick Morris Is Still A Silly Little Man
By: Mark W Adams

What this guy doesn't know about politics is stunning for someone described as "a shrewd expert on polls and trends." , the "genius" behind Clintonian triangulation strategies opines that it's "Time For Edwards' Exit."

He manifestly can no longer win - but he helps Hillary Clinton if he stays in the race and boosts Barack Obama if he pulls out.
Okay, Dick. Let me try this one more time. I'll type slowly so you can follow along even with a toe in your mouth.
  1. Hillary is ahead in the polls.
  2. No candidate has over 50%, but Hillary is closer. (see item 1. above).
  3. If Edwards quits now, neither Obama nor Hillary will get 100% of his supporters.
  4. Since Hillary is ahead (again Mr. Poll expert, see item 1.), she can receive less of John's support than Barack and still beat Obama.
  5. If no candidate receives over 50% (2025 delegates), the delegates Edwards controls at the convention will decide who wins if he pledges them over instead of letting the fates (or the democratic process ::cough::) decide.
  6. Obama may need ALL of John's delegates to win, but Hillary may only need a fraction of that support.
  7. If Edwards decided to quit now, the result would be exactly the opposite of what you are saying. Hillary would get "some" but maybe just enough of Edwards' supporters to win.
  8. Conversely, Obama would also get "some," but probably not enough of Edwards' supporters to win.
  9. There is no evidence that all of Edwards supporters are anti-Hillary. Indeed, the anti-Obama sentiment among many Edwards supporters quite disturbing to be honest.
  10. Buy. A. Clue.
Besides, what are you going to say if/when Edwards wins Nevada since it's a dead heat, or South Carolina which he won in 2004 after you and your ilk in the punditocracy said he was dead you overpaid gasbag?

Everybody has what counts, delegates. Everybody might have a win going into Tsunami Tuesday. I suppose you thought Hillary was done and bought new open-toed sandals for dancing on her political grave the night before New Hampshire. Flake.

Man that idiot gives me the creeps. Somebody check his paperwork and see if he really ever was a democrat. I can't wait until Karl Rove and Dick Morris team up on a book deal or get their own reality series: Dicking Over The American Political System For Fun And Profit.

Holy cow, the non-superdelegate count is almost even between the three of them, so just STFU and let's see what happens.

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G. A. Roach said...

I just stopped by the NYP, but no e-mail addy...

I am a Pledged Delegate for John Edwards. In case you may have forgotten in all of your journalistic endeavors, pledged-(v.)-(tr.)1. To offer or guarantee by a solemn promise.

Just in case that was overly complicated for you, I'm with John, gas-bag!