Kneejerk Shouts Of "Misogeny"
By: Mark W Adams

Even more so than the 24/7 news cycle, bloggers are caught up in the zeitgeist of politics almost by the nanosecond. The backlash against John Edwards for stating the obvious, that a President needs to exude a confident demeanor regardless of gender, is just such a phenomenon.

Naturally, Mr. Greenwald figured it all out and explains it even so Amanda can understand it. They're playing you, even you media savvy liberal bloggers who are "on to them."

For those of us willing to examine the professorial level tutorial on the media narrative that is getting shoved down our throats, take a look at the last two days of what Bob Somerby says about the end of a 16 year high tech, slow motion lynching and the evidence of this slow kill.

It's hard to do, hard to restrain yourself. But if you've got more than a few unsent rants in your email cue written when pissed at someone, and a couple of drafts of posts about a inexplicably dumb story that you decided you wanted to rethink before publishing and never pulled the trigger, good. You're learning the most important lesson you can about resisting the Village Press' most insidious weapon -- forcing the ill timed thoughtless remark on incomplete facts.

Keeping the press honest is like holding back the wind. It takes a sturdy structure, something Blogtopia is just starting to build.