I Need A New Word
By: Mark W Adams

I don't know what you'd call it, but I keep seeing people referring to folks in Nevada who don't live in Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe or Carson City as "rural." Stop it. Whatever passes for non-urban/suburban territory in Nevada, it ain't "rural."


Rural areas (also referred to as "the country", countryside) are settled places outside towns and cities. Such areas are distinct from more intensively settled urban and suburban areas, and also from unsettled lands such as outback, American Old West or wilderness. Inhabitants live in villages, hamlets, on farms and in other isolated houses.

In modern usage, rural areas can have an agricultural character, though many rural areas are characterized by an economy based on logging, mining, petroleum and natural gas exploration, wind or solar power or tourism.
In "rural" areas they grow stuff or herd critters. Nevada is a fucking desert. The only thing the grow in the Nevada wasteland are cacti, they herd lizards, they farm sand.

As Sam Kinneson might have said, they don't need enhanced or diminished representation in Ye Olde Acquainted Caucus System -- they need luggage.