And The Crowd Goes Wild
By: Mark W Adams

At least Bloganistan goes a bit loopy. Here's the summary of the hoopla from Latest Blog News
Check out the Kossacks. Everyone breathlessly trying to beat everyone else with the "Breaking" story that the Chartered Jet sent from Chicago to Delaware and the Secret Service arriving at Biden's house mean Joe was laying low for a reason.

There's over 30 Biden posts in the hour after the networks confirmed the news. That's got to be some kind of a record. Below are all the VP speculation/confirmation blog post that the LBN Portal keeps track of overnight. Note that many of the D-Kos Diaries were deleted, probably when the the first comment or two told the diarist to STFU with the redundant crap.

· Thank God It's Not Hillary!DailyKostoday 1:38 AM
· Biden's Views on Liberal DemocratsTalk Lefttoday 1:16 AM
· Veep BidenMoon of Alabamatoday 1:16 AM
· Wah wah wah! I didn't get my text message!DailyKostoday 1:15 AM
· AP: Obama chooses Biden as running mateDemocratic Undergr..today 1:11 AM
· CNN Says Obama Picks Biden for VPDailyKostoday 1:10 AM
· perfect...DailyKostoday 1:10 AM
· Please start bashing the VP pickDailyKostoday 1:04 AM
· Braking Nooz!!!1! CNN calls it for BIDEN ZOMGDailyKostoday 1:04 AM
· My Joe Biden StoryDailyKostoday 1:04 AM
· BROKEN!!!!!! BIDEN IS VP!!!! OMG OMG OMG.DailyKostoday 1:04 AM
· BREAKING... CNN: Joe Biden, Obama's WingmanTaylor Marshtoday 1:18 AM
· AP calling it for BIDENDailyKostoday 1:17 AM
· CNN: Obama Chooses BidenDailyKostoday 1:17 AM
· CNN Confirms Biden is VP pick!DailyKostoday 1:17 AM
· Obama picks Biden for veepDemocratic Undergr..today 1:16 AM
· I'm a whore [UPDATED with even less substance]DailyKostoday 12:52 AM
· Are we at a dozen breaking diaries yet?DailyKostoday 12:52 AM
· VP Watch Part 4: The Exciting ConlusionDailyKostoday 12:52 AM
· CNN confirms Sen. Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Sen. Joe Biden to be his vice-presidential runninDemocratic Undergr..today 12:47 AM
· BidenEschatontoday 12:46 AM
· BREAKING: CNN Confirms from Democratic Sources Biden is VP...DailyKostoday 12:46 AM
· It's all but official: Biden is Obama's pick!!!DailyKostoday 12:46 AM
· CNN officially calling it for BidenDailyKostoday 12:46 AM
· I want to KNOW...DailyKostoday 12:46 AM
· CNN Confirms it's Biden...Democratic Undergr..today 12:41 AM
· Confirmed!! CNN BIDENDailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· CNN Confirms, it's BidenDailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· It's Biden!DailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· Breaking: CNN confirms that Biden is Obama's pick for VPDailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· CNN confirms from Dem sources:DailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· Screw the VP Talk-Jed's Got a New Video UpDailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· Throwing up in my mouth a littleDailyKostoday 12:40 AM
· Obama Selects Joseph Biden As His Running MateThink Progresstoday 12:36 AM
· BREAKING - CNN Confirms Biden is itDailyKostoday 12:57 AM
· It is Biden CNN confirmsDailyKostoday 12:57 AM
· I was wrong, Joe Biden is much wiser than I thought.DailyKostoday 12:34 AM
· Joe Biden was my Law ProfessorDailyKostoday 12:28 AM
· Thanks Bill and Hill, now go awayDailyKostoday 12:28 AM
· If It's BidenAir America Radiotoday 12:27 AM
· Joe Biden: Video Highlights, Favorabilities, and AnalysisDailyKostoday 12:23 AM
· VP speculation "massively moronic"Majikthisetoday 12:16 AM
· Obama/BidenMyDDtoday 12:36 AM
· Obama / Biden 2008A Capitol Blogtoday 12:14 AM
· Looks Like an Obama-Biden TicketTalk Lefttoday 12:11 AM
· Tomorrow morningDailyKostoday 12:11 AM
· U.S. Secret Service on Way to Biden's HouseDailyKostoday 12:11 AM
· Delaware Dem is Your New Overlord.DailyKostoday 12:11 AM
· AP: Bayh, Kaine Are OutBurnt Orange Reporttoday 12:11 AM
· Thoughts on Joe BidenDailyKostoday 12:05 AM
· Goodbye, Per My PromiseDailyKos8/22/08 11:59 PM
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· VP Speculation - Open Thread DailyKostoday 12:15 AM
· The PUMAs made it impossible for Obama to pick HillaryDailyKos8/22/08 11:53 PM
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· Field Narrows for Obamas Running MateCapitol Hill Blue8/22/08 11:49 PM
· You Heard it HereSteven Clemons8/22/08 11:47 PM
· Mark Green: 7 Days: KRUGMAN ON OBAMANOMICS...AND HOW TO PROSECUTE THE CASE, w/ Reagan & vanden HeuvalThe Huffington Post8/22/08 11:47 PM
· If It's BidenBooman Tribune8/22/08 11:47 PM
· Chuck Todd is the bestDailyKos8/22/08 11:47 PM
· Stop your CryingDailyKos8/22/08 11:41 PM
· Just who is Chet Edwards?DailyKos8/22/08 11:41 PM
· Looks like it's gonna be BidenMia Culpa8/22/08 11:30 PM
· Veepstakes reaching fever pitch. Focus seems to be on Biden.AmericaBlog8/22/08 11:28 PM
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· GREAT NEWS FOR MCCAIN!DailyKos8/22/08 11:21 PM
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· A private jet leaves from Chicago bound for Wilmington,...DailyKos8/22/08 9:59 PM
· It seems to be Senator BidenDailyKos8/22/08 9:52 PM
· To Anyone Posting a VP DiaryDailyKos8/22/08 9:52 PM
· Not a VP Diary! What has happened to civility in politics? DailyKos8/22/08 9:46 PM
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· Activity at Biden's HousePolitical Wire8/22/08 9:14 PM
· Waiting for the Text: A Tragicomedy in Two Identical ActsDailyKos8/22/08 9:20 PM
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· It's Biden!DailyKos8/22/08 8:54 PM
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