Obama-Doubters: Buy a Hat and Hang the F**k Onto It
By: Ara

[cross posted at E Pluribus Unum]

Unlike many others, I guess, I give Obama credit for saying what he said to the VFW. He could just as easily have said it to a friendly audience. He could have preached to the choir. But Obama apparently believes that you run to be president of all the United States, not just the ones you carried. One America, remember?

Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. It's who he is and always has been.

ObamaSo, listen: all of you who are wringing your hands over Obama -- if you think he can't (or won't) throw a punch -- think again. He went eyeball to eyeball with Clinton & Clinton -- the best in the business -- and he won. Do you have to be a brawler to win? Or can you be an Aikido master instead? We're about to find out.

Obama's gotten this far because he apparently has an extraordinarily good idea of who he is what he can do. He seems very confident, very cool. He is seemingly very steady, very deep. He understands his place in history and gets inspiration and drive from it.

You say you trust his judgment, right? Well, here's where you put that trust on the line.

Now he's about to go toe to toe with The Republican Slime Machine and its puppet John McCain. And when it's over, we'll see who the winners and losers are.

So, if you're too squeamish to watch or if you think it's already over (win or lose) then you're probably not a real political junkie. Because, as for now, the real game hasn't even started yet, and won't for another two weeks.

Pass the popcorn.

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