In Other News...
By: Mark W Adams

What's scarier than Alaska's neophyte Governor being anywhere near the Oval Office?

Duh! Alaska's killer bears on the loose. (Due respect to S. Colbert.)

Meanwhile, we lost one more soldier today and two yesterday in that fucking war, bringing the U.S. total casualty count up to five this week. That gets added to the 266 killed and 176 wounded Iraqis reported (plus another 9 victims of that favorite Baghdad pastime, kidnapping, in what McCain calls "A peaceful, stable, prosperous, democratic state that poses no threat to its neighbors and contributes to the defeat of terrorists."

Preoccupied with the horrors of yet another Global Warming denying Veep with a gun fetish, Blogtopia (ysctp!) largely ignored (at its peril) the dangers faced when we turn on the End Of The World Machine -- which might prove once and for all that the Universe was indeed designed by a Mad Magazine cartoonist during an acid trip induced fit of boredom. That would certainly explain how we could start a war based on the lies of Iranian spy/bank embezzler Ahmed Chalabi, who's deputy is now in jail accused of terrorist bombings.

Then again, we probably should rejoice, since this week spells the end of the Reagan Era coalition as well as the death of Trickle Down economics.

Who said you never should bring out a new product in August. We are at the beginning of a whole new world folks. Let's do it right this time.

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