By: Mark W Adams

We're gonna bring the boys (and girls) back home!

Keven Drum (soon to be a MoJo blogger), and his Carpetbagging replacement Steve Benen lay out the reasons this works so very well for Obama: Barack was right, the man with the plan. Maliki and Bush signed on to Barack's idea. Even when McCain takes credit for "his" Surge making it all possible, he was wrong about what to do about the changed "conditions on the ground."

The devil of course is in the details, but it looks like we'll move out of the cities first, and if all hell doesn't break loose, all the combat troops will be out by 2011. Iraq could be off the table by November. Hell, we might be talking strictly about domestic issues by next month.

Kevin's other replacement, Hiltzoy, is all over the Details, Details ... and how McCain can't even keep track of how many houses he owns. Inconceivable that Grampy McSame could manage anything more complicated than matching up his own socks let alone balancing the national checkbook.

Whatever. The GOP spin on this thing will surely make me crazy, but I'll worry about that later. We're ending this god-awful fiasco and that's the best news I've heard in a long time.