Everyone. Take. A. Pill.
By: shep

by shep

1) The poll numbers coming out of the Democratic Convention seldom bear any resemblance to the election results.

2) The upcoming debates and two months of advertising and “news” media wars will decide the election, just like those of the recent past.

3) Barack and Michelle Obama had one best chance to show that they are regular (not scary, or "other") people on a national stage and that’s what we’ve been watching.

4) They’re running against the Republicans.

5) The Obama campaign realizes that “the game” is about scorching the earth for your opponent with the disaffected dumbshits of American who, quite unfortunately, decide our elections.

6) Did I mention that they’re running against the Republicans?

7) Joe Biden is the Vice Presidential nominee and, in a debate, he can cut an opponent’s liver out and eat it with a charming smile.

8) The Villagers like Joe Biden.

9) The DFHs, via the intertubes and the establishment media’s desire to try to rescue themselves from their increasing irrelevancy, are influencing the narratives of the debate.

10) There probably aren’t enough racist throwbacks who vote left alive in America to continue to afflict us with their political choices, at least nationally.

One more thing: John McCain is a decrepit, paranoid, egomaniacal, phony with a short fuse and that won’t make a very favorable comparison with the handsome, self-possessed, dedicated, public servant who always keeps his cool and people will notice that as they are ever-more contrasted each day until the election.

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