What Do You Really Want?
By: Mark W Adams

An ocean of beer? Streets covered in actual gold? Free music for all millenniums? New Cars for everyone?

Neil (The Ethical Werewolf) Sinhababu tries to help us get a handle on the real cost of war in his new blog, War? Or Car? in which he lays out exactly what the cost of Bush's wars mean in real terms, like the fact that we could have used the money wasted in Iraq to buy every household in America a brand new Toyota Prius.

That would show 'em where the oil companies could shove warmonger McCain's tire gages.

My first thought was new Macbooks for everyone, but when I did the math, that was kinda cheap. You can pick up a new MacBook Pro for around $1,800. Upgrade to the top of the line with all the bells and whistles (you know, the big one) and you're up to Three Grand. Even with that supercomputer warming your thighs you could still throw in a high end iPhone and its two-year contract with the best voice and data plan AT&T will set you back another $3,000 or so.

So, for the Three Trillion Dollar price of the Iraq war, you could have given every single American a state of the art Macintosh laptop, an iPhone complete with an unlimited service contract, AND got them each a big screen TV.